Annual ryegrass

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Regions of admission 1 (North), 2 (North-West), 3 (Central), 4 (Volgo-Vyatsky), 12 (Far East).
A variety for raw materials and green conveyors, as well as lawn repair. The period from germination to the 1st cut is 51 days, until the seeds ripen – 86 days, from the 1st to the 2nd cut – 31 days, gives 2-3 cuttings. The variety is resistant to frost and disease. The yield of green mass is 48-50 t / ha, hay 6.5-9.0 t / ha, seeds 800-1200 kg / ha. The protein content in hay is 12-14%, fiber is 30-34%.
Hay or green mass of one-year-old ryegrass is well eaten by livestock of all types. By the beginning of flowering, the content of crude protein in the vegetative mass is 17%. In the year of sowing, the plants form a fairly large forage mass. Annual ryegrass has a fibrous root system, located mainly in the topsoil. The stem is thin, 50-60 cm high, less often 90 cm. Leaves are linear, shiny on the lower side, slightly rough on the upper side. The ear is loose. The seeds are grayish in color. The mass of 1000 caryopses is 2.5-3.0 g. The seeds of ryegrass begin to germinate at a temperature of +1 … + 4 ° C. Seedlings tolerate frosts well from -2 …- 3 ° C. The plant is moisture-loving, it does not tolerate drought. With a lack of moisture, bushiness, plant height and yield sharply decrease.
It grows successfully on different types of soil – from sandy to drained peat. 100 kg of its green mass contains about 19-20 units. and 2.0-2.1 kg of digestible protein.

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