Dactylis glomerata L

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VIC 61

Perennial loose cereal. Stem straight or ascending at the base, 35-130 cm high, glabrous, smooth. Leaf blades 5-20 mm wide, broadly linear or folded lengthwise, sharply rough; the vaginas are flattened, mostly closed, rough; uvula 2.5-8 mm long, usually fringed-torn at the top. Inflorescence – dense, one-sided, usually triangular, panicle 6-20 cm long with short and long branches extending one by one from the nodes and bearing bundles of crowded spikelets. Spikelets 4-8 mm long, 2-4-flowered, grayish-green, often with a purple tint. Spikelet scales are hard-skinned. Caryopsis 3-6 mm long and 1.8 mm wide. The average weight of 1000 seeds is 1.2 g. It grows in meadows, glades, sparse forests and bushes, along roads, in clearings. High winter hardiness, satisfactory drought resistance. Collection of dry matter 8-10 t / ha, seed yield 400-500 kg / ha. It is well eaten by all types of farm animals. Cover-like disease is mildly affected. Cultivation zones: approved for use in the Northern, North-Western, Central, Volga-Vyatka, Middle Volga regions. Recommendations for cultivation: intended for hay and pasture cultivation in its pure form and in grass mixtures. Responsive to fertilizers, irrigation. It grows very quickly. Grows well on medium to heavy loamy soils.

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