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VIC 90

Included in the State Register for the Russian Federation. The bush is upright, low lying, of medium density. The stem is cylindrical, not coarse, rough under the spike, without pubescence. The color of the nodes is slightly brown, the average number of internodes is 6. Leaves are linear, slightly rough on the upper side, bright green, very soft. The tongue is short with ears hugging the stem. The vagina is open, distended at the top. The inflorescence is a flat, yellow-green, loose ear. Spikelets are lanceolate-oval, yellowish-green, 9-20-flowered. Spikelet and flower scales are leathery, keel is poorly expressed. Seeds are yellowish caryopses. According to the applicant, the yield of dry matter is higher than the standard for Lugovoy VIK-5 fescue. Recommended for field and meadow grass cultivation on loamy and upland sod-podzolic soils. It was affected by medium rust, severe scleratinosis in some years.


Included in the State Register for the Russian Federation. The bush is slightly spreading. Stem of medium coarseness, dark green. Leaves are lanceolate, large, wide, green, medium soft. The tongue is short. Seeds are oval-ovate, dark gray. The mass of 1000 seeds is 2.7 g. The variety is intended for forage purposes. It was affected by snow mold moderately, like the standard, by helminthosporiosis – weakly.

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