Galéga orientális Lam

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The variety was bred at the Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture and the V.I. V.R. Williams by the method of selection from natural flora and introduction of wild populations. The duration of the growing season from the beginning of regrowth to the first cut is 58-60 days, until the seeds are fully ripe 70-95 days. Plant height 120 to 150 cm. Branching from 5 to 20 stems per bush. Oriental goat’s rue actively spreads by root suckers and shoots of the stem, being a root-sucking plant. Stem of medium coarseness, not pubescent, dark green, in an adult plant branches well. Leaves are odd-pinnate, consist of 9-15 ovoid leaves in the lower and oblong-ovoid – in the upper tier, not pubescent, delicate, rich green color with rounded light green stipules. The foliage is high. When the seeds ripen, the leaves are preserved, do not dry out or fall off. SEEDS are reniform, 2 – 3.5 mm long, olive or greenish-yellow-brown. The mass of 1000 seeds is 5.5 – 9 g. The hardness of seeds is 20 – 36% and more. The average yield for the years of testing at the State Administration of the Perm Territory: dry matter 61.2 c / ha, green mass 210 c / ha, seeds 2.1 to 4,3 centners / haSpring regrowth and regrowth of mass after mowing is good. Pasture tolerant. Winter hardiness is high. Drought-resistant. Differs in longevity, which is an important exception for the legume family. The economic productivity of the goat’s rue has been preserved for more than 10 – 12 years. It has been included in the State Register of the Russian Federation since 1998 in all regions of the Russian Federation.

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