Lótus corniculátus

Unit: kg

Year of inclusion in the register of approved: 1999
Region of admission: All regions
External description of the variety: Lumber bush. Stems are soft, thin, without pubescence, green, 41 … 50 cm high. Leaves are oblong-ovate, lanceolate, without pubescence, bright green, without wax coating, very soft. Stipules are ovate, without pubescence, bright green, matte on the underside. Inflorescence is a loose raceme, bright yellow. Seeds are round, brown. The fruit is a multi-seeded pod (up to 11 … 20 seeds). Hard seeds 16.3-41.7%. Productivity: Productivity of dry matter for two cuttings – 8.2 t / ha, maximum – 10.3 t / ha. Seed yield – 1.4 c / ha, maximum – 6.0 c / ha. Weight of 1000 seeds: 1.05 … 1.2 g Vegetation period: The variety is early ripening, reaches the flowering phase after 37 … 55 days, ripening – after 61 … 119 days. Winter resistance: high (88 … 100%). Disease resistance: Damage by diseases and damage by pests was not observed. Main advantages of the variety: The variety is of the hay-pasture type. The content of crude protein in dry matter is 14.9 … 21.2%. Gives soft, nutritious hay without tympanum, excellent silage. Before flowering, it is used as pasture grass, during flowering – as hay. When feeding hay, cows get milk with a pleasant taste, butter – with a yellow color and a high carotene content. Good honey plant.

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