Melilótus officinális

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External description of the variety: Yellow sweet clover, weakly wavy, with 4-8 stems in normal grass stands, in thinned grass stands 8-12 stems. Melilot’s stems are of medium coarseness in height up to 180 cm, leafiness of melilot’s stems is at the level of 49-52%. Maturing period: the interphase period from spring regrowth to harvesting for hay is 52-62 days, before seeds ripening is 86-102 days. Honey productivity up to 300 kg / ha of melilot honey. Productivity: Productivity of green mass at the level of 250-350 c / ha, hay at the level of 35.5 c / ha, seeds – 2.0 c / ha. Weight of 1000 seeds: 1.5 g. Winter hardy. Drought tolerant. Resistance to pests and diseases: Infestation by powdery mildew is weak, strong in rainy years. The main advantages of the variety: Yellow sweet clover “Alsheevsky” is an excellent honey plant, green manure and fodder plant. Provides seed production under the most adverse conditions. It grows well in spring and after mowing, it can yield crops in the first year of life. Salt tolerant variety.

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