Mesh for balers

The grid can be used for all types of crops (hay, straw, silage, corn). The haylage mesh is made on the basis of polymer materials, the material is resistant to moisture, which allows you to use a haylage mesh (hay-knitting) in any weather.

It has improved strength and reliability properties, compared with twine, the mesh tightly wraps the surface of the roll, this improves the quality of the bale, and the safety of the feed. The bale binding time is reduced, thereby saving time.

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Payment and delivery terms
Minimum order quantity:
from 5 tons
Perennial and annual herbs
with delivery: from 500 kg
from warehouse: from 100 kg

Delivery methods:
  • Pickup
  • Trucks
  • Railway transport

At your request, the specialists of our company will help you calculate the delivery and offer the most favorable conditions.

Ways of payment:

Cashless payments

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