White, yellow and black mustard

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Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the zones of cultivation of culture. Diploid. Cotyledons are of medium length and width. Green leaf color of medium intensity. On a fully developed leaf, the average number of shares. The serration of the leaf edge is average. The leaf is of medium length and medium width. The petiole is of medium length. Plant during flowering of medium height. The total length of the plant is average. The intensity of the yellow color of the petals is average. The petals are of medium length and width. Pod without spout, medium length. The pod has a long nose. Pod width is average. The stalk of the pod is short. The pod contains an average number of seeds. The mass of 1000 seeds is average. Generative development when sowing in late summer is very strong. Seed yield 23.1 c / ha. The fat content in the seeds is 30.3%. The yield of green mass is 368 kg / ha. The growing season is 68-76 days. According to the applicant, he was very weakly affected by Alternaria and Fusarium.

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