Oil radish

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Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the zones of cultivation of culture. Direction of use – technical (oil); fodder (green fodder). Tetraploid. The leaf is light green, long, of medium width, lobes are available in average quantity. The plant is of medium length. Flowering time is average. Petal color: purple – 53.5%, white – 46.5%. Pod length is average. The color of the root is white. The yield of green mass is 445.4 kg / ha. Seed yield – 19.2 kg / ha. The mass of 1000 seeds is 11.42 g. The fat content in the seeds is 35.1%. The content of erucic acid in the oil is 13.4%. The content of glucosinolates in the meal is 1.37%. Plant height – 106 cm. The growing season is 88 days. Resistance to lodging, shedding and drought is above average. According to the applicant, it is resistant to phomosis and alternaria. Suitable for industrial cultivation technology.

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