Lolium perenne

Unit: kg
VIC 66

Regions of admission – 2 (North-West), 3 (Central), 4 (Volgo-Vyatsky).
The bush is erect, semi-lumpy, dense in the second year of life. Stem cylindrical, smooth, without drooping, soft before flowering, growing up to 54 cm. Linear drooping leaf without pubescence and waxy coating, soft, green in color. The foliage to the 1st cut is 67-73%. Regrowth is good in spring and after mowing. From the beginning of the spring growing season to the first cut takes from 48 to 59 days, and until the full ripeness of ryegrass seeds – from 92 to 108 days. Average winter hardiness. The variety is susceptible to disease and pest damage.

A perennial loose shrub grass of the spring type of development, with erect, smooth, bare, well leafy stems, up to 65 cm high, with a large number of basal leaves. The leaves are glabrous, slightly rough from above, the tongue is short – up to 1 mm long. The inflorescence is an ear of 15-25 cm long. It does not withstand droughts and frosts in snowless and little snow winters; it dies during late spring frosts. It responds well to nitrogen fertilization and irrigation, but does not tolerate nearby groundwater, does not tolerate prolonged flooding by hollow waters. An excellent forage plant, well eaten by all types of livestock, both in the pasture and in the hay. Differs in high aftermath, quickly grows back after grazing, resistant to grazing – perfectly withstands repeated mowing. Frequent grazing or mowing during fertilization promotes tillering. Forms a good sod. 100 kg of green forage contains 21.5 units. and 1.9 kg of digestible protein, in 100 kg of hay – 48.2 k. units. and 4 kg of digestible protein.


Included in the State Register for the Central Black Earth (5) region. Semi-erect bush – intermediate. The leaf is of medium length and width. Average intensity of green leaf color. The plant is of medium width. The plant is low after vernalization. The tendency to form inflorescences in the plant is absent or very weak. Average plant height when swept. The inflorescence is of medium length with an average number of spikelets. The inflorescence is of medium density. The average yield in the Central Black Earth Region was 59.3 c / ha, 0.7 c / ha (1.2%) higher than the standard. The maximum is 107.9 c / ha, obtained in 2018 at the Maloarkhangelsk GSU. The average yield of dry matter is 48.5%, 2.3% higher than the standard.

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