Festuca arundinacea

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Included in the State Register for the Russian Federation. Hexaploid. The shape of the bush is intermediate. The color of the leaf is dark green. The flag leaf is long, medium-wide, wide. The plant is tall when the inflorescence is raised. The inflorescence is of medium length and long. The variety is intended for forage purposes. Affected by snow mold and helminthosporiosis moderately.


External description of the variety: The bush is erect, dense, the plants reach a height of 177 cm. The number of stems when individually standing is up to 50 … 95. The leafiness is uniform – 59.1%. Inflorescence – loose panicle 13.2 … 31.5 cm long. Seeds are elongated-pointed, grayish-yellow in color, sometimes with a violet tinge. Maturing term: Medium late variety, the period from spring regrowth to mowing – 40 … 67 days, until seeds ripen – 84 … 111 days. Maximum yield: dry matter – 164 c / ha, seeds – 12.4 c / ha. Weight of 1000 seeds: 2.1 … 2.4 g. Winter resistance and frost resistance: high (99 … 100%) .Drought resistance: high. Resistance to pests and diseases: high. The main advantages of the variety: The variety of reed fescue “Losinka” is highly productive in terms of feed mass and seeds, is distinguished by a fast growth rate in spring and after mowing. The content of crude protein in dry matter is 10.6 … 16.6%, lysine is 594 mg / 100 g, fiber – 20.8 … 31.2%. Can be cultivated as a silage or hay crop.

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