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Sandy 22

The bush is dilapidated. Medium bush, 4-5 stems per bush. The stem is tender, of medium height, medium-branched. The leaf is tender, obovate, slightly pubescent, dark gray-green in color. Stipules are lanceolate. Inflorescence is a loose mouse-tailed raceme. The corolla of the flower has a light pink-red color. Seeds are medium, round, dark brown. Seed hardness 15-12%. The mass of 1000 seeds is 17.6-22.4 g. In the Central Black Earth region, the yield of dry matter was 44.5 c / ha, seeds – 7.4 c / ha. The maximum yield of dry matter was obtained in 1993 at the GSU of the Belgorod region – 115.2 c / ha (+ 6.2 c / ha to the Sandy 1251 standard). In the Middle Volga region, the yield of dry matter was 47.5 c / ha, seeds – 1.6 c / ha. The maximum yield was obtained in 1993 at the State Administration of the Penza Region – 78.4 c / ha (+ 11.1 c / ha to the Peschaniy 1251 standard). In terms of the content and gross yield per hectare of protein, on average, it has an advantage over the standards. It was affected by brown spotting moderately (40%), rust – weakly (25%), weakly damaged by a weevil (20%).

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