Sleeve for grain packaging

This method allows you to reliably isolate cereals and silage from rain, frost, snow. If you are choosing the most optimal alternative for grain storage, then it is the polymer sleeve for grain that is ideal for you. Tightness perfectly blocks the development of bacteria and fungi, as a result of the lack of oxygen, they die during the first weeks.

The concentration of carbon dioxide excludes the appearance of insects. Exclusive production of a three-layer polyethylene sleeve for grain up to 250 microns thick (depending on the diameter) allows you to maintain a certain internal temperature, preventing the penetration of UV rays.

And the special additive contained in the composition acts as a stabilizer, preventing the harmful effects of sunlight on the film.

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Payment and delivery terms
Minimum order quantity:
from 5 tons
Perennial and annual herbs
with delivery: from 500 kg
from warehouse: from 100 kg

Delivery methods:
  • Pickup
  • Trucks
  • Railway transport

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