Spring vetch

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Lgovskaya 22

The variety is mid-season with a growing season for feed from 38 to 45 days, for seeds from 82 to 103 days. Weight of 1000 seeds from 67 to 73 grams. Productivity: dry matter from 27.4 to 32.2 centners per hectare, seeds from 9, 8 to 14.8 centners per hectare. The maximum yield was – dry matter 60 centners per hectare (Sverdlovsk region), seeds 42.7 centners per hectare (Chuvash Republic). Vicky sowing (spring) Lgovskaya 22 is highly resistant to lodging (with stems up to 81 centimeters), average level resistance to shedding. High defeat by ascochitosis and root rot, medium level of rust damage. High stalk infestation. Spring wicker varieties Lgovskaya 22 is a valuable forage crop. Viki Yarovaya Lgovskaya 22 was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 1993 and is recommended for use in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Lgovskaya 91

Included in the State Register for the Central (3) region. The leaf is green, the leaves are of medium width – wide with a straight apex. The upper internode of the stem is pubescent, the anthocyanin coloration on the leaf axils is weak. Flowering time is average. The sail of the flower is purple. Pod of medium length – long, medium width, slightly pubescent, short beak – medium length, average number of ovules. Seeds are oval, medium-sized – large, brown. There is no ornamentation. The cotyledons are orange. The average yield of dry matter in the region is 46.8 c / ha, seeds – 19.3 c / ha, higher than the standard by 0.8 and 1.3 c / ha, respectively. Recommended for cultivation in the Moscow region. Susceptible to root rot. Moderately affected by ascochitis.

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