Hay-knitting twine

Hay-knitting twine is widely used in the agricultural industry:

for baling hay, straw, green fodder;
for manual and auto winding of finished rolls and bales.
The material is suitable for use on various types of balers of Russian or imported production. It can be used for tying rolls and rectangular bales.

The use of high-quality products allows you to achieve an effective uninterrupted harvest process and a high density of rolls without breaking the threads.Advantages of polypropylene twine:

high resistance to wear, cracking, multiple bends;
plasticity: thanks to this property, reliable knots can be made from twine even under strong tension;
thermal and moisture resistance: due to these properties, the products are suitable for use outdoors, in humid rooms;
environmental safety;
tear and stretch resistance;
ease of use;
reduces the wear of baler mechanisms and